A New World Next To The Capital

Situated about 160 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau which is a rural district of Hoa Binh Province in The North of Vietnam is the world away from Hanoi’ hustle. Nestled between two towering cliffs and surrounded by emerald- green paddies, it has already attracted many tourists including domestic and international. Mai Chau Tour is always available to accompany anyone who has a desire for exploring the natural landscape and the customs of local people. Now let’s get started to have more understanding of the weather, enchanting sights and food before booking in Tours in Vietnam.

A New World Next To The Capital - Journey Vietnam

The weather

Set in an idyllic valley, Mai Chau has a cool climate, fresh air, moderate humility. With the favorable nature, it still keeps the surrounding forests, so the climate here is often lower than other places in the same province. The average temperature of Mai Chau is 19-25 degrees. This temperature is moderate and suitable for tourist but noting that the best time visiting is between October and April.

Enchanting Scene

Bring in the beauty of Northwest mountains and forests, Mai Chau currently has 12 relics, scenery, including 5 relics recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that is Hang Khoai, Hang Chieu, Hang Nhat, Hang Mo Luong. There are a large number of alluring places for you to visit like: Khung Khe Pass, Temple, etc

The food

The scenery is not the only reason for visitors to come here, the food here makes a huge contribution to leave you an unforgettable feeling. Mai Chau is considered as the capital of Thai people although the food pleases the taste of the King and foreign tourists. I will suggest some popular dishes such as: Bone soup, fried bamboo, fish, etc.

The tiny villages

Speaking of Mai Chau, it is impossible not to mention Ban Lac which seems a highlight and key point of the traveling here. You have a chance to admire the stilted houses with ancient architecture bearing the rustic beauty of the countryside. Most tourists all doss down for the night in the traditional stilt houses and wake up by gurgling streams together birdsong. Accommodation and other services are run by the ethnic minority families who have lived and worked the land for many generations. More interestingly, you are able to discover the culture of ethnic groups like: Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong. Through enjoying ethnic dances, camp fires, festivals. Of the small village, you can lovely gifts made by hand for your friends. They are so special with many colors.

Mai Chau not only attracts tourists with idyllic rural scene or the unique design of the stilt houses but also make visitors not want to leave by the affection of the local people. Mai Chau 2 Days 1 Night will be the best choice for you and your friends on weekend to explore the new land without too far from Hanoi after a working long week.

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