Bai Truoc Park in Vung Tau

Located on Quang Trung Street in Ward 1, Vung Tau City, Bai Truoc Park is one of the best destination in Vietnam that attracts many locals and tourists. It is praised by its peaceful natural environment, airy and fresh atmosphere. Especially with a prime location, one side facing the sea and one side looking at the city, the park is also an ideal place to admire the beauty of the coastal city. Here is some information about Bai Truoc Park that the article would like to share with you.

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Bai Truoc Park in Vung Tau

About the Bai Truoc Park

Bai Truoc Park was formed more than 10 years ago after a campaign to relocate and rehabilitate the business households to serve tourists.

The park has an area of ​​more than 3 hectares, located on Quang Trung Street, one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam was awarded the title by the Ministry of Culture in 2002.

Vung Tau has so many beautiful scenes, so Bai Truoc Park is often “overshadowed” and not mentioned as much as other places. However, the scene here is still enough for the tourists on tour in Vietnam in Vung Tau to be enchanted when they arrived.

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Along the arc-shaped coast in the west and southwest of the park, rows of coconut trees bend in the wind. Alternating between colourful trees and flowers in the park, nearly 100-year-old tropical almond trees create focal points and ancient features of the coastal city.

Visiting Bai Truoc Park in the early morning or late afternoon, visitors will come across many people of all age come here to enjoy the sea wind and do exercise. Occasionally, there are some students who come here to study and read books. In particular, on weekends, families often come here to relax, making the park become extremely bustling.

It has only been formed for more than 10 years but it can be said that Bai Truoc Park is an indispensable destination for the people of the coastal city and also a favourite tourist destination in Vung Tau for many tourists. It is not only considered as the city’s “green lungs”, a place for fun and relaxation, but also a place for people to meet and make friends.

Visiting Bai Truoc Park

After a day exploring the coastal city of Vung Tau and playing under the clear blue sea, tourists can go to Bai Truoc Park to relax and enjoy the fresh air. The fountain is located in the centre of the park, where a statue of three dolphins attracts a lot of tourists on Tours in Vietnam.

However, the most interesting experience is probably following the winding roads in the park watching the tall coconut trees and hundred-year-old eagle trees on the green grass, interspersed with beautiful flowers.

In particular, visitors do not forget to visit the sculpture theme garden “The magic of the sea” in the park. With different shapes and meanings, each sculpture will give visitors a story, a meaningful contemplation of life.

Looking out from Bai Truoc Park, Vung Tau Bai Trruoc is beautiful and charming. If you come here at sunset, you will not be able to forget the impressive scenery when the sunshine at the end of the day blends into the clear blue sea, the families are playing on the beach and fishing boats floating offshore. It can be said that this magnificent spectacle will be difficult to find at a beach other than Vung Tau.

However, you should also note that Bai Truoc park is a place for public entertainment, so visitors need to keep general hygiene and clean up their area before leaving. On weekends and holidays, the park attracts a lot of tourists. If you want more private space, visitors should avoid coming to the park on this occasion.

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