Banh Cuon – Vietnamese Steam Rice Rolls – Easy To Cook

Banh Cuon named Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls or Crepes is the perfect food in holiday or for breakfast. Banh cuon is often made by pork, wood mushroom, onions… and eaten with Vietnamese ham (named cha lua), and cucumbers. Another kind of banh cuon arising from a village in Northern Vietnam, is famous for their banh cuon called banh cuon “Thanh Tri, banh cuon is not rolled but kept in sheets, sprinkled with fried onions.

Banh Cuon - Vietnamese Steam Rice Rolls - Easy To Cook - Hanoi Local Food Tours

Vietnamese banh cuon is different from the rice rolls at Chinese food, because banh cuon is extremely thin, delicate and not topping with sweet soy sauce. The reason for this thinness is the process to make it. Banh cuon can be performed extremely thin because it’s steamed above a fabric covered pot which can quickly cook it, keeping it humid and practicable. A very thin layer of paste is infused on the cloth, spread and steams thin like a paper, and in nearly a minute, a flexible bamboo stick is used to lift off banh cuon delicately.

There is a recipe, written for making Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls with a nonstick pan for foreigner because it’s not easy to make banh cuon with the specialized pot and fabric as Vietnamese people. In this way, banh cuon still is as thin as steaming it on fabric, so the food will still be satisfactory for taster.

In a large bowl, combine and mix well the rice flour, tapioca flour with water and  a bit little salt. Steaming up the beansprouts, slicing up cha lua and washing the cucumbers

Then in a  pan on high heat, add a small bit cooking oil and fry the onions. When onions become to turn yellow, to add the chopped minced pork, minced fungus and fish sauce. Stiring frequently. When the pork is no longer pink, mixture is done.

In next step, heating up a large nonstick pan with medium heat. Take a very light layer of oil and put the mixture in pan, then immediately tilting and swirling the pan around to coat the pan. Cover up about 30 seconds and the paste should be nearly crystal. After that inverting the pan to your large tray that has been lightly brushed with oil.

Adding a small amount of filling into the center of banh cuon and spread it thinly. The next, folding over the sides and placing in a tray to be willing to tasting. You can make a lot of banh cuon and put them on top of nothers without sticking due to the very lightly oiled on surface that you had done before. Finally, You just need to repeat again and again to make others.

If you want to make the banh cuon Thanh Tri, the way is exactly the same, the difference is the meat filling with some fried onions in the center cake. This food is served with plenty of steamed bean sprouts and cut cucumbers, cha lua (named Vietnamese ham)and fish sauce on the side. Banh cuon is Vietnamese favorite dish for breakfast or even all a day. Because the traditional method is not practical for all people, it’s a admired and marveled skill. But try to cook it with the nonstick pan method is easier, and enjoy this great Vietnamese delicacy, there is no distinct between two methods. So it is easy way for all.

In concluding, If you are gourmet, you want to explore about Vietnamese cuisine, welcome you to Vietnam. You can sign tours to have guide and good chef to teach you how to make Vietnamese dishes. You can consider tours such as: Vietnam food tours to understand about Vietnamese cuisine, Vietnam cooking class, Hanoi cooking class or food walking tour to practice.

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