Become The Green Forest Boy In The Tree House

What do people remember when mentioning Hanoi? It is a fall of Hanoi that people just want to put all aside to get to the city and enjoy the characteristic beauty that is in only Hanoi. Or it is a place where you can send your whole heart into the vendors of flowers wandering around the streets. Hanoi, seemingly so small and cramped that it sometimes makes people bored, has strangely lovely things. It is a tree house where visitors on street food tour in Hanoi can go to nature and enter a peaceful world right in Hanoi.

Become The Green Forest Boy In The Tree House

Located at No.07, Ngoc Thuy Street, Gia Lam, and just 6km from the center of Hanoi, these tree houses make you become “the green forest boy”. Belonging to the Arts Hotel, this is one of the places where you never thought it was in the heart of Hanoi. With 5 houses on the tree, a stilt house, three garden house and a sparkling aquarium, this will become a brand new place but promise to be an extremely hot destination for those who would like to escape the harsh sun in Hanoi.

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Nothing is more wonderful than in the city full of dust and smoke that makes people seem to want to be mad, you can suddenly find yourselves a green space as a completely different world. In that place, the worries will be set aside at the door, only nature peacefully embrace and pacify the heart full of the fatigue. If anyone has desires to be like little boy Tarzan – the green forest boy living in a house hang on the tall tree branches, come here to make the dream seeming to be illusory.

These unique tree houses are a combination of nature and human hands. When coming here, visitors on food walking tour will experience the feeling of being in harmony with nature. On one day, transforming into a green forest boy would be an interesting idea for the tiring time in Hanoi. The house is well laid out, blends with the trunk and does not lack comfort and art. Natural sunlight brightens the window with the fresh air will be one of the feelings in the early morning that you rarely find in Hanoi.

One of the plus points of this tree house is that when you arrive you will be immersed in a private but still spacious space. Here, there is a small balcony with alluring sunshine and the cool smell of trees, you can sip the cup of a sweet and bitter daisy teacup, read the book that you have bought long ago has. And that balcony is also a place where you can have a conversation with your dear friends.

The tree house model is not new, but first appeared in Hanoi and did not make the guests who booked Hanoi local food tours here are disappointed. You are looking for a space in the early morning, through the window only see pieces of green leaves, this place is ideal. The day begins with simple and rustic dishes, but enough to make a childhood spill over in memory. The dream of being transformed into Tarzan when being a child has now been realized in Hanoi, in a place where there is wild as well as artistic beauty.

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When night comes, the houses become an ideal dating space for couples, in the light of candles flickering. One night Ha Noi begins to be colder, it is warmer when sitting next to each other, together warmed by hot and aromatic chocolate cup.

If you sometimes feel that Hanoi is stuffy, just want to go to a place where you feel safe and enjoy the lovely beauty, there is no need to go far, only in a place that only takes you about 15 minutes to drive from central Hanoi, you will be immersed in a completely different atmosphere. Here, you become a green forest boy, there is no anxiety, just a green nature each morning. Come and experience these unique tree houses.

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