Big Mountain in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is known as a beautiful beach tourism city. But besides the sunny beaches, this place also has majestic high mountains near the sea for tourists to visit. Among the 2 mountains in Vung Tau coastal city, Big Mountain has the wildest landscape. Let explore the beauty of Big Mountain in Vung Tau via the article below.

Big Mountain in Vung Tau

  1. Vung Tau Big Mountain

Big Mountain or Dai Son Mountain is located in the northern area of ​​Vung Tau city. The mountain has a very large area (about 400ha) with many majestic high mountains, of which the highest peak is 254m high. The area around Big Mountain is wild, beautiful and peaceful.

Being one of the two most beautiful mountains in Vung Tau coastal city, Nui Lon attracts many tourists to visit. Visitors to Big Mountain will be able to feel the cool breeze blowing from the sea and enjoy the panoramic view of Vung Tau city from above. In Nui Lon area, there are also famous tourist places in Vung Tau such as Bach Dinh (White Villa), Ho May tourist area, etc.

To go to the top of Big Mountain, visitors must follow a winding road along the South Mountain (also known as Vi Ba road). On both sides of the road, there is a very beautiful landscape, early morning there are many tourists and locals walking and exercising here.

  1. Experience exploring Big Mountain on Vi Ba road

The section of Vi Ba road leading Big Mountain is a very beautiful road curving around the hillside, surrounded by rows of green trees. The road is quite wide and airy with beautiful scenery, so many tourists often go to Vi Ba Road to enjoy sightseeing.

The most beautiful section on Vi Ba road is located in the middle of the road to the top of Big Mountain. In this area, there are only a few trees, instead of that, there are luxurious grasses along the road that grow over 1m, revealing a large space facing the sea. From here visitors can see, admire beautiful Vung Tau Bai Truoc Beach.

Continue the way to the peak, visitors will visit a beautiful tourist destination in Vung Tau is Tam Bao Pagoda (or Monkey Pagoda). Here, visitors will easily see the big monkeys standing, sitting, running and begging for food. Because monkeys here are often in contact with humans, they are very gentle. Going on a little bit more, visitors will go to the top of Big Mountain.

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  1. Experiences should not be missed when coming to Big Mountain

  • Take the cable car up the mountain

The system of the cable car to Nui Lon peak is built with the purpose of serving the demand for sightseeing of tourists. Thanks to the presence of this cable car system, visitors to Big Mountain visit more and more.

Go all the cable car, visitors will set foot to a place most interesting attractions in Vung Tau city is Ho May tourist area. From the cable car, visitors can also see the beautiful scenery of the coastal city of Vung Tau.

  • Ho May tourist area

Ho May tourist area has an area of ​​50ha located at an altitude of 210m on the top of Big Mountain, TP. Vung Tau. Ho May has a very beautiful landscape with very fresh and cool air. From here, visitors can see the many beautiful views of the coastal city of Vung Tau.

Not only that, but visitors to Ho May also participate in many exciting sports and entertainment games such as shooting game, outdoor picnic, pedalo on artificial lakes, swimming on artificial beaches … Especially, in the Ho May tourist area, there is also an ecological tourist area with many rare and precious species.

  • Visiting Bach Dinh (White Villa)

The White Villa was the “homestay” of King Bao Dai – the last king of Vietnam when he came to Vung Tau. White Villa was built in a French architectural style with an appearance like a miniature European castle. French architecture of this place is further highlighted by pure white paint and deep blue sky.

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