Ca Mau Floating Market

Floating market is an extremely unique form of trade of people in the southwestern provinces. Cai Rang floating market – Can Tho, Ca Mau floating market is 2 of the floating markets attracting tourists on Vietnam package Tours to visit the most. This article will take visitors to visit one of the two famous floating markets, which is Ca Mau floating market.

Ca Mau Floating Market
Ca Mau Floating Market
  1. Where is Ca Mau floating market?

At the end of Ganh Hao river, in ward 8, Ca Mau city, there is a section of about 200m, gathering a lot of boats and canoes, trading very loud and bustling, it is the floating market of Ca Mau. Ca Mau floating market has more than 100 big and small boats every day selling many goods, from goods familiar to people in the Mekong River Delta such as vegetables, fruits, foods and specialities from Mekong River … to the strange goods from other places such as brocade, household goods … every item.

People who trade on Ca Mau floating market do not know how long this floating market exists. Ca Mau floating market has become a cultural beauty of Ca Mau people for many generations. Not only that, Western tourists to Can Tho want to explore Ca Mau floating market when they come to Ca Mau province to travel.

  1. What’s interesting about Ca Mau floating market?

Ca Mau floating market is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Mekong River Delta. Before going to Ca Mau floating market, visitors will experience wandering on Ganh Hao river on the boat. The rent of these boats at the wharf is only 300,000 – 400,000 VND. Visitors can also find from 3 to 6 people to rent a boat to visit the floating market in Ca Mau, save a part of the cost of the trip.

The boats gathered at Ca Mau floating market at 2 – 4 am, then gradually reduced and ended at 9 am. So, tourists coming to visit the floating market should take a boat at 5 am to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Ca Mau floating market while it is still in the morning.

Arriving at Ca Mau floating market, the first thing that makes visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours feel surprised is that the floating market has too many boats. According to the boatman’s share, every day there are hundreds of boats and canoes of local people and many other places coming here to trade. At Ca Mau floating market, visitors can find many kinds of goods, food, necessities, household items … but most are fruits.

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The fruit trade boats flock to Ca Mau floating market with a lot of fresh, attractive southern fruits such as rambutan, longan, papaya, mango, guava, toad, durian … This place is really paradise dedicated to tourists who love fruits. According to the secret when traveling the Mekong River to Ca Mau floating market, visitors could ask the boat owner to peel and enjoy the fruit at the boat, so interesting.

In addition to the fruits, inside the floating market, there are many boats selling delicious food. Mekong specialities such as grilled snakehead fish, fish ball soup, vermicelli with sauce … in Ca Mau floating market, every dish is available. If you come here early in the morning, surely visitors will not be able to resist the delicious dishes that are sold here.

  1. The beauty of Mekong River people through images of Ca Mau floating market

Traveling to Ca Mau floating market is an opportunity for tourists to know more about the peaceful and hospitable Mekong River people. When visitors come to a boat to buy goods, the boat owner always laughs warmly to welcome guests and chat while visitors choose to buy goods. The smile is probably the beauty of the soul of the local people because the tourists come to the boat to see the smile on the lips of the people here.

After the market dissipated, there were still some boats still anchored to the market area. These are families living on floating boats on the Mekong river. In the morning, these are boats selling fruit and household goods, and after the market close, this place becomes a roof to protect them from the waves. The children living on boats often go to the boat to sit fishing every morning when the fair ends.

Coming to Ca Mau floating market, tourists on Tours in Vietnam know more about the floating life on the river of Westerners. If you have the opportunity to visit Ca Mau City, visitors should not ignore the attractive tourist destination is Ca Mau floating market.

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