Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa citadel is the largest citadel in our country, bearing many historical, cultural and architectural values. Only about 20km from Hanoi city center, Co Loa citadel is a tourist destination that tourists on Hanoi food tour can visit in a day, very convenient.

Co Loa Citadel
Co Loa Citadel
  1. How to go to Co Loa citadel?

To reach Co Loa from Hanoi, there are many roads and each route is also easy to go. Therefore, visitors on Hanoi street food tour can go by motorcycle taxi, self-drive motorbike, take the bus or go by car. The cheapest mean to go to Co Loa is a bus.

There are many bus routes going to Co Loa, visitors can rely on the location they are in to select the appropriate route. Such as:

– Tourists in Thong Nhat Park area choose bus number 43.

– At My Dinh bus station, catch bus number 46.

– At the University of Agriculture, catch bus number 59.

Travellers who ride motorbikes to Co Loa can follow one of the following routes:

– Tourists follow Pham Van Dong Street to Thang Long Bridge and go to National Highway 3 to Co Loa Street.

– Tourists go from the center of Hanoi to Chuong Duong bridge, to Dong Tru bridge, to Tien Hoi street, to highway 3.

– Tourists on Hanoi food tours from Hanoi center go to Nhat Tan Bridge, go next to Route 5 to Highway 3 to Co Loa Road.

Because there are many routes from all over Hanoi to Co Loa, many tourists who visit Hanoi have chosen Co Loa as an interesting tourist destination for themselves.

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  1. What does Co Loa have?

Legend has it that Co Loa citadel was built when there were 9 spiral-shaped rings (the shape as a snail), so it was also called Oc citadel (snail). Currently, due to war and the erosion of time, there are only 3 rings of the citadel. The city structure is divided into 3 parts: inner, middle and outer. In which the outer city has a circumference of about 8km, including the adjacent walls and the adjacent ramparts, with a height of up to 12m.

The citadel centre is also designed as an external city but is more solid, with a narrower circumference, about 6.5km. The inner city is the residence of King An Duong Vuong and the royal family with an area of ​​about 2.2km.

Co Loa Citadel has the following famous works:

– An Duong Vuong Temple: Located in the inner are, located in the central position of Co Loa. The location of the temple is quite interesting: the temple is located on a dragon-shaped mound, two forests are on either side, the front is a large lake. Ngoc well – where Trong Thuy killed himself is still here. There are a number of historical relics stored in the temple as pairs of pink – white horses, porcelain, cloth … At the temple gate, there are two stone dragons bearing the sculpture of the Le period.

– Co Loa Temple: Legend has it that the temple was built on the land that King Thuc Phan work the ancient year, Co Loa temple has quite a solid architecture. In the middle of Co Loa temple is a finely carved door with images of four holy beasts and four flowers (peach, chrysanthemum, bamboo, apricot).

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– Mi Chau Pagoda: A place to be famous for people in the region, Mi Chau Pagoda is a place to worship the princess of Mi Chau. In the pagoda is a headless rock found by Co Loa people from ancient times and brought to worship. In front of the pagoda is a very large banyan tree with life expectancy is over thousands of years.

– Temple Cao Lo: Cao Lo is a good general of King An Duong Vuong, a man who created Lien Chau crossbow (known as a magic crossbow can fire many arrows at once) and a commander of construction built Co Loa citadel. In Cao Lo temple there are a number of archaeological vestiges that are most typical of copper arrows.

With such impressive works of time, Co Loa citadel is not only a tourist destination in Hanoi but also a historical monument of our country.

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