Dai Lanh Beach

Located separately among the mountains with the wild beauty of white sand beaches and silver waves, Dai Lanh beach will attract tourists at first sight and take visitors on Vietnam package tours from a surprise to another wonderment.

Dai Lanh Beach

Some information about Dai Lanh beach

Adjacent to the border between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen provinces, Dai Lanh beach is about 80km north of Nha Trang city centre. If departing from South to North, to reach Dai Lanh, visitors must pass the majestic Co Ma pass. It is a shortcoming when Traveling to Nha Trang without having set foot in Dai Lanh.

Since time immemorial, Dai Lanh beach has been on the list of the most famous landscapes of the country. According to some records, in 1836, because of admiring the beauty of Dai Lanh, King Minh Mang sent a carver to carve the scenery of Dai Lanh beach into one of the nine copper censer (Cuu Dinh) placed before The Mieu in Hue. In 1853, the name Dai Lanh was added to the national dictionary.

People believed that Dai Lanh used to be very wild, the roads to reach this beach were extremely dangerous and there were many wild and dangerous animals. During the reign of King Thanh Thai, a Confucian scholar, Pham Ngu Giao who was very famous for his wide knowledge, when he came to Dai Lanh, he was fascinated by the scenery of high mountains and big sea here, so he decided to stay here.

He worked as a doctor, helped and free treated people, especially the poor. Gradually, the number of people who came to ask him for treatment was increasing, the number of people who knew about Dai Lanh was also increasing. Just like that, many people from all over come to Dai Lanh to make a career, creating a rich land.

Great experiences at Dai Lanh beach

Enjoy the pristine and beautiful seascape

Up to now, although very famous, Dai Lanh beach is fortunate to still retain the inherent wild beauty, not much intervention by the “smokeless” industry. Dai Lanh is like a picture painted with tropical forest stretching with a calm, immense and emerald blue sea; with pure white sand slopes one after another into a vast arc …

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With the scenery is considered as “masterpieces” of nature, Dai Lanh sea has now become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Nha Trang. Coming to Dai Lanh, visitors on tour in Vietnam can enjoy the “golden forest, silver sea”, enjoy the fresh air, catch the fresh sea breeze, admire the poetic beauty that nature has bestowed on the place.

Visitors can take a walk on the white flat sand beach, can explore, explore the primeval forest … Or more simply, visitors can lie on the beach, in the shade of ancient casuarina trees, listen to the comforting waves, the whispering wind … If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful resort, maybe Dai Lanh beach will be the most difficult choice to ignore.

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Participate in fun activities on the beach and under the sea

Dai Lanh beach is quite shallow, low slope, long comfort. Seawater is very clean, clear, can see the bottom. Therefore, Dai Lanh beach is ideal for fun activities at sea and under the sea.

Because it was quite shallow, even though it was tens of meters from the shore, the seawater was still tilted up to chest height. Visitors can enjoy playing, soaking in cool seawater, relax with the sky and waves of Dai Lanh. Certainly, Dai Lanh beach scene will help visitors dispel the fatigue, temporarily forget the sorrow in work and daily life.

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Enjoy the delicious fresh seafood dishes

Right in Dai Lanh Beach, there is a fishing village of local fishermen. In the early morning, boats after a night of fishing are often crowded here, to sell seafood to traders. Visitors can come to buy seafood.

Seafood caught in Dai Lanh beach is diverse, including fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, snails, clams … Because they have just been caught, the seafood is very fresh and delicious. After buying, visitors on tours in Vietnam can ask the processing people to enjoy on the spot. Seafood prices and processing fees are very affordable.

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