Enjoy The Dish Warming The Winter Of Hanoi

In the winter, when the cold wind begins overflowing, Hanoians often remember the simple and rustic corn. It also considered as one of Hanoi traditional food.

The rural food

Following the footsteps of the guide of Hanoi local food tours, you will easily find the corn in the baskets of the street vendors with their sound “grilled sweet potatoes, grill corn, boiled corn…”.

Sweet potatoes, cassava, corn … is formerly only the rural food, little known. However now, the corn appears on each alley, streets in Hanoi, with the sound of selling and buying.

Perhaps with many people, boiled corn cannot be considered a specialty of Hanoi. But for those who have once “discovered” the sweetness and the delicious taste of this food will agree with the statement: the corn has gradually become the special dish of the land of Hanoi.

In Hanoi, the most delicious corn is grown in the Red riverbank. Corn has many various kinds. But people living along the Red River are still used to growing two types of corn: sticky corn and sweet corn. Sticky corn has a characteristic sticky taste and sweet corn has a crispy and sweet taste.

The boiled corn

Sticky corn is processed sophisticatedly to make grilled corn, fried corn, corn tortillas, fried corn with dried shrimp … With sweet corn, perhaps the most delicious item to mention is boiled corn. When boiling corn, the combination of the taste of water and corn leaves creates a special sweet flavor that attracts to everyone who has ever tasted.

Enjoy The Dish Warming The Winter Of Hanoi - Hanoi Local Food Tours

Boiling corn is not difficult. In the Hanoi cooking class, you can completely make this simple dish. However, it is not easy to make a delicious boiled corn.The key for the sweetness of the corn is not simply in choosing corn but it depends on the boiling of each person. “If you want a sweet and aroma characteristic corn, you must leave the whole corn leaves and add a little bit sugar when boiling” – said an owner.

The grilled corn

Whenever the northeast monsoons return, the Hanoians often come together to a roadside restaurant, warm their hands on the charcoal stove and slowly enjoy each sweet grilled corn.

Grilled corn warms the cold winter nights in Hanoi. Late at night, the couple go out, stop sitting next to the fire, buy a grilled corn and then share its warmth. A lonely person wandering alone in the street, crossing the grilled corn shop to buy a corn to warm hand.

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Choosing corn to grill is more sophisticated to boil. It is not easy to choose a corn meeting the requirements for the delicious grilled corn.

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