Halong Specialty – Bubble Yoghurt

Ha Long is not only famous for its beautiful scenery and fresh seafood dishes but also very popular with tourists because of special snacks. Bubble yoghurt is one of the many popular snacks in the coastal city.

Halong Specialty – Bubble Yoghurt

  1. What is bubble yogurt?

Yoghurt is a popular snack throughout all parts of the country and there are many types of variations from different yoghurt such as jackfruit yoghurt, sticky rice yoghurt, red bean yoghurt… And the bubble is a kind of topping loved by many young people. Being well-known from the famous bubble milk tea imported from Taiwan. Over the years, under the creativity of Vietnamese people, bubble also has many kinds such as sticky bubbles, bubbles of fruit flavours, crispy bubbles, etc.

With these two familiar foods, the Ha Long people find an interesting new way of combining yoghurt with bubbles, making delicious yoghurt. In many Halong tours, when taking guests to enjoy Ha Long’s dishes, many tours have brought guests to enjoy bubble yoghurt.

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When mentioning to yoghurt, people often think of it as a summer dish. But Ha Long’s way of combining yoghurt and bubbles makes this dish suitable for all four seasons, whether it’s hot summer or cold winter. Another interesting point is that in Ha Long there are many different ways to eat bubbles yoghurt, making this dish even more attractive.

  1. Some delicious bubbles yoghurt shops in Ha Long

Bubbles yoghurt in Ha Long sells a lot but there are some shops that are considered delicious and unique.

– Ms Nghi’s yoghurt: located at 10 Van Lang street, her yoghurt is famous in Ha Long. There is not only bubble yoghurt but also fruit yoghurt, sticky yoghurt, coffee yoghurt, sour yoghurt… Bubbles yoghurt of Ms Nghi shop is placed in two different glasses, one glass is yoghurt and the other is bubbles. The cup of yoghurt includes big yoghurt, and the bubbles are served with heated coconut milk. When choosing to travel to Ha Long to enjoy, many people chose Ms Nghi shop.

The yoghurt here is made by the owner, very nice and has a sour taste. The bubble is tough and has a good taste, blending with the taste of very fragrant coconut milk. Diners can eat yoghurt and bubbles separately or mix them together. Price is 20,000 VND / cup.

– Ms Ha’s Yogurt: The shop is located in Ha Long market square, and has a quite long life. Ms Ha’s shop sells yoghurt from 1995 up to now. The yoghurt dish here has a moderate sour taste, is not frozen, lumped, served with hot bubbles, dried coconut, cherry. Different from Ms Nghi’s yoghurt, bubble yoghurt here is not served with coconut water but is cooked in sugar water.

– Long Tien Pagoda Yogurt: Located in the small alley next to Long Tien Pagoda, this yoghurt shop is quite cheap and easy to find. Yoghurt here is also a homemade, contained in small glass jars. White bubble is boiled quite chewy and crunchy. Bubble yoghurt here is served with fresh coconut and sesame, so it has a strange taste. In addition to coconut, visitors can choose the side dishes such as dried coconut, olive, dried bananas, apricot sauce, etc., all are delicious.

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