Hanoi specialty – Com Vong

Hanoi is famous for its unique and unique specialties. Among these specialties, Com Vong village has emerged as a simple gift, but delicate as the cuisine of Trang An people.

Hanoi specialty – Com Vong

  1. Com in Vong village – Autumn flavors of Hanoi

Hanoi has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and autumn is considered the most romantic and poetic season with clear blue sky, gentle winds, golden sunshine like honey and many flowers blooming. Contributing more colours to the fresh picture is poetic com (young rice) in Vong village – specialities only in the autumn of Hanoi.

Vong village is a small village in Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi. It is unknown since when com in Vong village was created. People only know that a few hundred years ago, the rice fields in the village of Vong is still immense. At that time, there were many strong showers of rain that made the dykes break.

Therefore, the whole fields were submerged in water, the crop in that year was also failed. The villagers in Vong tried to cut the young rice flowers to roast them to eat them gradually to pass over the hungry season. Unexpectedly, the roasted young rice has a strange taste, both fragrant and flexible. The com dish from that gradually came into being. The villagers in the village brought strange food from their village to all over Hanoi by street vendors’ burdens.

Over the years, green rice became famous not only in Hanoi but also throughout the country and became Hanoi specialities for export to foreign countries. There is only one crop per year, starting from the seventh lunar month and lasting for 3 months. Therefore, tourists who are on Hanoi street food tour must arrive at the right time in the fall before the crop of Vong village.

  1. Elaborately making Vong village village nuggets

In order to get the green, sticky, and delicious grains of young rice with the smell of ripe rice, the villagers must spend a lot of effort. At first, the villagers in the village had to cut up the young, green, steamy rice. Next, to separate the rice grains, the farmers have to threshing but not crush or beat them because they will make the rice grains crushed and broken.

After obtaining the perfect grains of rice, people roast these grains of young rice. The roasting process is not easy because people have to roast rice while keeping the fire in suitable condition, so that the rice grain is well cooked, not burnt but still separate from the rice husk. After roasting, people have not to cool rice down but have to pound it immediately. The person needs to do his hand is gentle and smooth, and to stir the young rice from the top down.

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Many families made elaborately Hanoi street food also occasionally added some distilled water from grapefruit flowers to make young rice have better and long-lasting fragrance. After being finished, young rice of Vong village was put into two layers of leaves. Inside is the ráy leaf layer to keep the nuggets from drying out and not fading. The outer layer is fresh lotus leaf. The gentle scent of lotus leaves is very suitable with com, making the flavour of young rice become cool and fresher.

In the noisy and increasingly modern space of the urban area, those grains of green rice have become special gifts with natural flavors. Com can be eaten in many ways. Visitors can eat directly or eat with a banana. It sounds simple but the taste is very unique and unforgettable.

Besides, the Hanoi traditional food can also be used to make other delicious dishes such as cha com (meatball with fresh young rice), young rice sweet soup, green rice porridge, etc. In addition to fresh young rice, at present, Vong village also has dry young rice, and green rice cakes with a longer preservation time.

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