Pho – Hanoi Traditional Food

Hanoi is a densely populated place in many different regions, so this place is a convergence of many cultural beauties. When you mention about Hanoi, people certainly talk to “Pho” – the characteristic flavor of Ha Thanh land. As a result, most of international visitors who are in hanoi food tours will try to eat this dish.

Pho – Hanoi Traditional Food - Hanoi Local Food Tours

Pho is a very special dish that has been through many generations from the past. It also has a lot of different flavors depending the hands of the cookers. However, the main ingredients of “pho” are rice noodles, ginger, cinnamon, aniseed broth combined with the sweetness of cooked bones, sliced ​​beef into a bowl of “pho” with the aromatic herbs. When eating this dish, we often eat with hot steam and spices such as chili vinegar, fresh lemon in order to create a special taste. The flavor of this noodles is very unique that attracts people to eat them. It is very exciting if in a cold winter morning, you enjoy a bowl of “Pho” and then go to work. Pho is a very easy-to-eat food, people of all ages can eat without fear of fat or being sick. We can enjoy “pho Hanoi” in both the luxury restaurants and in Hanoi street food restaurants or stalls.  In addition, instead of beef noodle, you can enjoy other noodle dishes such as chicken noodle. It is also very delicious and attractive.

The most important thing which makes the special flavor of noodles is the broth. Water must be sweet from the bone, not sweet from sugar or main noodles. The broth must be clear and light in color. To get the delicious portion of water the cook needs to be very careful and meticulous. The secret to boiling water depends on each person’s culinary experience.

We can enjoy a lot of dishes made from “pho”: water noodles, stir-fried noodles, fried noodles, etc. Pho is always the most attractive dish. For Vietnamese and foreign tourists, “Pho” is considered a delicate dish. This food must be placed in the porcelain bowl to see the culinary and aesthetics of its. A delicious noodle bowl must be attractive with lots of spices and beautiful colors.  We Just smell the aroma of broth, we can feel ecstasy. The flavors of meat, bones, herbs mixed together to create a special fragrance to the man’s heart. When eating “Pho”, we should eat slowly to feel the taste of it. The meat is soft, the noodles is glutinous, sometimes the taste of ginger, chili, the sweet scent of herbs, and the scent of small spring onion. All blends into a sweet scene, creating the characteristic flavor of “Pho Hanoi”.

Pho is a subtle dish that becomes characteristic of Hanoi city. Wherever you go or whatever you do, Hanoi people are always looking forward to returning to Hanoi to enjoy the special dish. “Pho Hanoi” has stirred the soul of writers such as Thach Lam, Nguyen Tuan, and has gradually entered the history as a cultural beauty.

No word can fully describe the sophistication and great feeling when enjoying “Pho” Hanoi. We just know that it is a special gift which could not be confused with any other items. Pho actually represents Vietnamese cuisine. It’s a simple but delicate dish. It is very elegant and classic. Life is more and more modern, people are always creative to prepare delicious dishes that suitable with the culinary culture in the country and the world, but surely “Pho Hanoi” always can be the reliable choice for local people and international tourists.

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