Specialty Of Halong – Bun Xao Ngan

Ha Long cuisine is always one of the most attractive and beautiful things when traveling to Ha Long. There are many delicious and varied dishes. Are you willing to discover Ha Long cuisine? In this article, we will introduce visitors to one of Ha Long’s speciality dishes – noodle stir-fried with ngan (Austriella corrugata).

Specialty Of Halong – Bun Xao Ngan

  1. Rice noolde stir-fried with ngan – specialties of Ha Long

Fried noodle with ngan is one of the specialties that pleases tourists when traveling to Ha Long. Fried noodle with ngan is bold in the character of Ha Long land, which is hard to find anywhere else. According to many tourists who have ever traveled to Ha Long and had the opportunity to experience this dish, for them, Fried bun with ngan is also one of the reasons making them remember Ha Long after his trip.

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  1. How is fried rice noodle with ngan?

To make fried rice noodles with ngan, of course, the main ingredient to make this dish is the ngan – a type of seafood that appears in Ha Long. In addition, fried fried rice noodles are also processed with ingredients such as vermicelli, onion, scallion, and fungus.

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The most important thing to make this dish so delicious is because of the ngan meat. It is a mollusc, tender and hard-shelled animal that lives in mud in the seas. The meat suffers a lot of nutrients so it is very complementary.

With the way of cooking fried rice noodles of the local people in Ha Long, ngan is soaked with water and a little chilli in order to ngan release all the sand and wash. Use a knife to separate the shell, then catch the meat. The meat is put into lightly washed in water.

After preparing the full raw materials, the noodles are cut off and then stir-fried and put the meat in the island until nearly cooked, then give the fungus, green onion and taste just enough. So, it is possible to finish cooking the standard fried fried noodle dish of Ha Long.

Although it is just a very simple processed dish, fried noodle with ngan is a dish that will leave an extremely unforgettable taste in the hearts of tourists. In Ha Long, ngan is not only processed into fried fried noodles, but also processed for dishes such as steamed, grilled… creating strange and very different flavors.

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